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Homeschooling in Indiana

  • Withdraw your student and notify current principal in writing of your decision. You are not making a request. Keep copies of correspondence. Send letters using certified mail requesting a receipt. HSLDA now has forms available for withdrawing your student from public school. Contact HSLDA for more information.

  • Request a copy of your student's public school records.

  • Upon request you are required to notify the Indiana Department of Education of your grade level enrollment.    In eight to ten weeks you will receive a home school number.

  • You are not required to follow curriculum or program requirements of public schools. You can be flexible in choosing the curriculum, textbooks, and materials that will most benefit your children.

  • You are required to provide 180 days of instruction

  • You must keep attendance records. Indiana Law allows public school superintendents to request copies of your child's attendance records for verification of attendance.

  • You are required to provide equivalent instruction to that given in the public schools (IC 20-8.1-3-34), although equivalency of instruction is not defined by law. It is important to keep documentation of attendance and continuing educational activity. These records will be vital if ever a question of educational neglect arises.

  • Indiana Law I.C.20-8.1-3-11, I.C.20-8.1-3-23(c), I.C.20-8.1-3-34

  • If you have any questions, contact Indiana Department of Education:
    by phone at 800-833-2199 ext 9135 or by e-mail or on the web